H2o Around the world

A children’s picture book about water, our diverse world, and the challenge of climate change.

About the book

H2O Around the World takes young readers on a world tour. Along the way, they see many of the joyful ways humans experience water, as well as how pollution and global warming are making so many of these experiences negative.

Will we have a world where water continues to be a life-giving force and not contribute to undue human suffering? H2O (that’s him in the drawing!), Kevin (he wrote the book) and Marta (she drew the pictures) certainly hope so.

For readers 4 to 8 years old.



The features of H2O Around the World come together to create an entertaining, endearing and educational experience.

Rich and colorful illustrations

A unique yet relatable main character that adapts to the climate wherever it goes.

Geographic landmarks and cultural diversity

Distinctive landmarks that include cultural treasures and wonders of the world.

Water-related dangers of climate change

Learn about the effects climate change has on the way water moves across our earth.

Fun Facts about Water science

An appendix of fun facts and a kid-friendly water science explainer that supports parents in conveying complex concepts with simplicity and accuracy.

Sample pages

Click or tap on the images below to preview and read a couple of pages from the book.


Kevin Anderson

kevin anderson, author

Hi Everyone! I am a teacher, lawyer and lover of language who believes everything in our world can teach us something, especially if we use our senses and imagination. So, one day as I watched the waves crash at Ocean Beach I asked myself, “What would one drop of water, briefly visiting the shores of San Francisco only to crawl back into the vast ocean, see in its “lifetime”? What adventures might it have? That’s the day I began my journey with H2O. When I’m not communing with nature, writing, practicing basketball free throws, cultivating fruit trees, being inspired by new and old music or being a food and beverage mixologist (don’t take anything my sisters say about that too literally), I teach high school. Nowadays, that mainly involves World History, Government and Economics. Previously, I taught English and for several college access programs.

Marta Taylor, illustrator

My name is Marta Taylor and I love being a children’s book illustrator. I would have never thought that life would take me in this direction, especially after working and leaving my drawing hobby untouched for years. I feel so happy now to have gotten back to illustrating and have found my true passion for it. These days you can find me happily living in a small town on the Mediterranean coast with my partner and my joyful dog Kiwi. I love going on long walks in the mountains with him and I travel whenever I can.

Reviews and praise

Young readers will learn about the places H2O has traveled and the forms H20 takes, as well as the gifts of life, spirituality, comfort and health H20 provides. H2O Around the World is a sweet and colorful introduction to the importance of water in our world and a reminder that we all have a role in protecting every little drop.

Annette Counts, Librarian

As a science teacher and parent of young children, I was thrilled to discover this book. H2O Around the World does a beautiful job of balancing the wonders of how water flows and cycles around our world with the all-important topic of climate change. It can be read with no further explanation, or it can serve as a jumping off point to discuss the water cycle, world geography, and climate change. It belongs on every parent and teacher book shelf.

Ryan Keeley, Teacher

As a teacher and a parent of young children, I find this book useful and fun. My kids were able to engage with it at different levels – my two-year old enjoyed the story (rhyming helps!) and the illustrations (especially the polar bears), and my five-year-old asked questions almost every page, leading to deeper discussions. As an educator, I appreciate how this book could serve as an introduction to exploring various big topics.

Puja Kumar

Charming illustrations, fun rhymes and a message about a serious subject that avoids coming across as preachy. At the back of the book there are facts about water and its importance for the world, as well as a list of the places mentioned in the text shown on a map. Great for kids, including those studying English as a foreign language.

Gavin Blair


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